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Do Ancient Pyramids of Great Size Exist in Antarctica?

Antarctica used to be a warm, hospitable environment. Experts believed there could be evidence since hundreds of tons of ice had covered the earth for the past 12,000 years.

According to our sources, earlier than Egyptian pyramids, similar evidence has already been found.

Few places fit the mark more than Antarctica when it comes to old, maybe man-made buildings in remote, inhospitable locations.

Large man-made structures with lavish reputations include the Egyptian pyramids.

When these structures were built more than 4,000 years ago, Egypt was among the world’s most affluent civilizations. One of the first and oldest Wonders of the World is the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The pyramids in Egypt are well known, but what about those in Antarctica? A mile of ice covers 98 percent of Antarctica. It gets as cold as -89C on the fifth-largest continent (-128F).

It is well recognized as an unfriendly place. Despite the notion that a southern continent was necessary for symmetry, it was found in the early 1800s.

Humans must travel on a dependable vessel through inclement weather, ice, seas, and winds. We must keep in mind that many people perished throughout the discovering process. Antarctica is populated by scientists. Unless you count the penguins.

Visitors can travel there for a day on a cruise ship, but it is difficult for anyone to live there without specialized gear or a lot of work (or for very long). There is little food, and there is barely any foliage.

Everything else, including furnishings, food, supplies for construction, medicines, and gasoline, must be transported in.

The fact that Antarctica has been blanketed in ice for over a thousand years hasn’t gained much news. Up until recently, when three pyramids were discovered by a group of American and European scientists.

Two were located roughly 16 km inland, and one nearer the shore. They have been compared to Egyptian pyramids by scientists.

Due to the repercussions of making this important discovery public for discussion, it is being kept under wraps in the media. Pyramids predate written history if they exist in Antarctica.

Even though there hasn’t been any news about them, rumors have persisted. These peculiar formations have attracted the interest of academics and ufologists. In an effort to explain the Antarctic landforms, several explanations have developed.

Aliens having access to ancient civilizations created on a covert military base? (with cutting-edge technologies). Others believe they just develop spontaneously.

There is currently no material available to support or refute these assertions, but The X-Files has taught us that “the truth is out there.”

These pyramids in Antarctica have shown in a lot of photos. Integrated Ocean Drilling Program images from a worldwide undersea exploration project.

Many questions are raised by these pyramids. Perhaps Antarctica wasn’t once so cold. If it wasn’t, we can assume that these buildings were built and that earlier civilizations formerly inhabited the area.

Skeptics assert that there would be evidence of life right now if an ancient civilisation had ever thrived in Antarctica.

Pyramids in Antarctica should be sufficient evidence that a prehistoric civilization previously existed there. This must now be acknowledged by the archaeological community.

About climate change, we always learn more. The ancient Sphinx is thought by many Egyptologists to be more than ten thousand years old.

What makes them aware? Historical climate change is depicted by the Sphinx’s water erosion.

Why shouldn’t Antarctica have undergone such significant change if Africa and other regions of the world had?

What if researchers could unequivocally prove that the pyramids in Antarctica exist? It would change history if they were artificial.

Today’s archaeologists and scientists would find it difficult to accept that outcome since it goes against what they now believe. However, because the goal of this is to learn the truth, having faith should be irrelevant.

The amount of lost ancient civilizations that potentially exist on the planet is astounding.

Pollen fragments discovered by climate scientists in 2009, which led to the supposition that palm palms formerly thrived there and summer temperatures reached 21° C, are among the other discoveries in Antarctica.

In 2012, researchers found over 30 different bacterial species in samples of Lake Vida water (East Antarctica). Why is it rare to make yet another wonderful discovery?

Are the pyramids in Antarctica only artfully carved mountains? If so, why do they resemble Egyptian pyramids so much? If they are, they resemble each other strangely. They are man-made structures, which is the only explanation that makes sense.

When the conditions were ideal, thousands of years ago, a prehistoric society flourished beneath the heavy glaciers and built the Antarctic pyramids.

If this theory is correct, we will have to reinvent history and the way we see the world. I, for one, am unable.

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