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Scientists Claim That There Is Another World Under Antarctica’s Ice

The WISSARD project has produced a finding that shows there are vast wetlands beneath the ice of western Antarctica that may contain life not found anyplace else on the world.

The National Science Foundation authorized the Whillans Ice Subglacial Access Research Drilling project to formally scan beneath Antarctica’s ice because many people thought that with the impending global warming, we could be able to learn more and more about our past as we now know it.

They said that they followed the Lake Whillans to see where it lead them, only to discover that there is a vast expanse 2,700 feet below the ice. This discovery was discovered when they reported that they were around 2,700 feet below the ice.

There isn’t much information available about this yet, but many people think it might reveal that the Hollow Earth idea is true after all since it might show that aliens do really inhabit our planet’s interior.

Who knows, perhaps when we delve deeper into the marshes, we’ll discover more lifeforms as well, such as aliens, reptilians, or even humans who have chosen to subvert the conventions of our society and build their civilization right in front of us.

We’ll make sure to keep you informed of everything that is happening in these marshes.

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